Does EHR Use Lead to Lower or Higher Costs? Part 1

      By Peter Basch, MD, FACP and Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD, FACP, FHIMSS   Incorrect Assumptions Lead to Incorrect Conclusions That Misinform Policy While Democrats and Republicans may each have their own take on … [Read more...]

What Could You Do With an Extra 43 Minutes Every Day?

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 Most of us in the EHR visioneering and/or implementation space have been struggling with (or avoiding) the question “does EHR use add time to a doctor’s day?”  For those new to the field, one of the key hurdles that an EHR had to pass to … [Read more...]

The Case For Meaningful Use: Strengthened, Not Weakened (Again…)

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Approximately a year ago I wrote a blog for Health Affairs (The Case for Meaningful Use: Strengthened, Not Weakened) which addressed an article in the mainstream medical press that appeared to call into question the value of electronic health records … [Read more...]

Stage 2 Meaningful Use NPRM To Be Published Tomorrow – OMG!

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As everyone interested in Meaningful Use is already aware, an overview of the Stage 2 NPRM was presented at the annual Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) today.  In addition to a presentation by CMS to standing room only audience, … [Read more...]