More Than 20,000 Eligible Professionals are Expected to Attest for Meaningful Use for the First Time in 2012 According to Informal Poll of AMDIS Members

According to an informal poll of members of the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS), which was conducted in collaboration with Doctors Helping Doctors, we count more than 27,000 eligible professionals (EPs) who will attest for “Meaningful Use” for the first time by the end of 2012—the represents about two-thirds of the EPs within the AMDIS organizations who responded to the survey.  A majority—or 20,000– of those EP attestations are expected to occur in 2012. Seventy-two organizations responded to the survey, representing approximately ten percent of the organizations represented by the nearly 2,500 individual members of AMDIS.

AMDIS—one of the clinician-led organizations that collaborates with Doctors Helping Doctors—is largely made up of chief medical information officers and other physician leaders dedicated to advancing the field of applied medical informatics and improving the practice of medicine through direct physician use of information technology. I serve as the President of the Board.

AMDIS members generally work for medium to large sized medical groups, hospitals, and health systems, and as a result, generally have access to more resources to assist them with preparing for and achieving Meaningful Use. Many represent the “pioneers” in informatics and therefore their lessons and insights can be extremely helpful to other physicians who are contemplating Meaningful Use. In fact, many AMDIS members are featured within the Doctors Helping Doctors videos on the site.

According to our informal poll, having “adequate organizational and executive leadership buy-in” was the factor most cited by those organizations that have or expect to have a majority of their EPs attest for Meaningful Use by the end of 2012 (84 percent). Having “adequate medical affairs support” (65 percent) was also a factor correlated with success. 

We will conduct a more detailed analysis of the survey results, which include the challenges physicians leaders are continuing to face, the factors that have contributed most to their success, and the lessons learned, which we will share in the coming months.

I’m interested in hearing about what others think about the survey results. Our physician readers would benefit from hearing about the experiences of other physicians who are on the journey towards Meaningful Use.  Please lend us your insights!



About William F. Bria, II, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer, Shriners Hospitals for Children; President and Co-Founder, Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS)

St. Petersburg, FL

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