How Technology–and Mobile Applications–Are Impacting Physicians’ Day-to-Day Practice Habits

Beckers Hospital Review | By Bob Kernen "The impact of evolving technology has been a fact of life for healthcare practitioners since the invention of the stethoscope. But it does seem that the pace of change has increased noticeably in recent … [Read more...]

Why Doctors Helping Doctors?

Peter Basch

I Don’t Have Time for This… I know this is probably what you’re thinking, especially if you are a practicing physician, the very sort of person we hope will find the site interesting and useful.  I know this because I don’t have time for … [Read more...]

Finding Meaning in Meaningful Use


The patient’s needs matter most and come first. When physicians ask me why they should embark on the difficult task of becoming ‘meaningful users’ of electronic health record (EHR) systems, this is how I tend to start and finish my answer. … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Philip Bain, MD: Impatience Fuels Visions of Future Tools

Doctor with Tablet

Philip Bain knows what he really wants from health IT: “I want an individualized, life-long, evidence-based care plan for each patient that’s visible to all members of the care team including the patient, that’s available any time, especially … [Read more...]