Perspective: It’s Not Either-Or for Patients and EHRs

Studies continue to be released that decry the time physicians spend on computers rather than patients. These studies do our field a disservice because they don’t focus on the many ways EHRs have helped physicians do better for their patients. A … [Read more...]

What Could You Do With an Extra 43 Minutes Every Day?

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 Most of us in the EHR visioneering and/or implementation space have been struggling with (or avoiding) the question “does EHR use add time to a doctor’s day?”  For those new to the field, one of the key hurdles that an EHR had to pass to … [Read more...]

The Case For Meaningful Use: Strengthened, Not Weakened (Again…)

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Approximately a year ago I wrote a blog for Health Affairs (The Case for Meaningful Use: Strengthened, Not Weakened) which addressed an article in the mainstream medical press that appeared to call into question the value of electronic health records … [Read more...]

Stage 2 Meaningful Use NPRM To Be Published Tomorrow – OMG!

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As everyone interested in Meaningful Use is already aware, an overview of the Stage 2 NPRM was presented at the annual Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) today.  In addition to a presentation by CMS to standing room only audience, … [Read more...]