Spotlight on William Bria, MD: From Pioneer to Visionary: Advancing The Progress of Health IT


Only a man of Bill Bria’s vision, passion and good humor could describe with equal enthusiasm the power of health information technology, the lessons he learned from his physician father, and the relevance of a favorite Saturday Night Live … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Peter Basch, MD: Leveraging IT for the Greatest Good

Peter Basch

Peter Basch has a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to patient care: “Just do the right thing,” he says. Who could argue with this advice? The trouble is, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. In practice for about thirty years, … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Michael Zaroukian, MD: Information That Matters in the Here and Now


Mike Zaroukian goes nowhere without his laptop, especially when he is seeing patients. “I carry it with me in the office like I would a paper chart, except that I share it with the patient so they can see the work I’m doing,” he says. … [Read more...]