About Us

Doctors Helping Doctors is a new non-profit effort led primarily by doctors–for doctors–to support the transformation of health care—initially through the use of health information technology (IT) across the U.S., which promises to improve the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of care.

Throughout the site, you will learn about the perspectives of your colleagues, regarding their experiences with using electronic health records (EHRs) and health IT to support how they deliver care to their patients. Doctors Helping Doctors offers physicians the opportunity to share their stories—in their own words–and learn from fellow physicians, through a range of offerings, including video interviews, stories, and a blog that enables physicians to communicate directly with one another. The site also offers links to helpful resources, identified by doctors for doctors—to support those who are just beginning to adopt EHRs.

Our goal is to help physicians—operating in a diverse range of settings, from small physician practices to large integrated delivery systems–learn about the value of health IT from their peers; point them to a set of resources that will not only help them make the transition to health IT, but also optimize its use to support high quality, cost-effective care delivery; and facilitate a dialogue on best practices, key challenges, and methods to overcome those challenges.

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Doctors Helping Doctors Transform Health Care
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