Benefits of e-Prescribing


Chris Tashjian, MD

Much has been said about physician’s handwriting.  While it has become a “stereotype” of physicians it has also cause a great many medical errors.  With the electronic medical record now taking hold in more and more practices, we hope to see these errors disappear. 

But electronic prescribing is so much more than that.  E-prescribing offers the physician a whole gamut of information.  For example it may suggest common doses and schedules.  E-prescribing doesn’t allow half filled prescriptions to be sent to the pharmacy, but instead prompts the physician to finish the prescription.  I no longer get call backs from the pharmacy asking, “How many did you want to prescribe, and do you want refills?”  Our electronic record even queries the patient’s health plan and lets me know which medication is on formulary and what is not covered.  In addition to that it, the EMR checks for drug interactions automatically. 

When we started E-prescribing, it was cumbersome and time intensive.  In less than two years it has become efficient and easy.  So much so that I can E-prescribe faster than I can hand write a prescription.  When was the last time you heard of a paper process getting better?  As a patient it is safer, more convenient and more efficient, what’s not to like?  In summary E-prescribing is one area where the EMR is changing medicine for the better, for patients and prescribers alike.


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  2. I like hearing about people/offices who have adopted electronic prescribing and found it to be better. I know there were some initial studies that showed that it wasn’t any different than paper prescriptions, but there has to have been something missing there. Like you said – it was cumbersome and time-intensive at first, but it’s gotten better. You have more options and “tools” at your disposal, it’s just using them right.

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